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Info-Business Portal

How do I create an online store?

The first step is to register in the database by going to the Login section. After you have created a user account for economic agent type, go to the eMall section and follow these steps:

  • When creating the account for an economic agent you can select the option to create a virtual store.
  • The account and the virtual store are activated by the portal administrator.
  • You are granted access to the online store and you define the store name and scope.
  • You can customize the virtual store:
    • You can use predefined templates, set their color themes and change certain functional blocks.
    • You can define the shop logo and its menu.
  • You can create and manage products:
    • product categories
    • prices
    • stock
    • pictures
  • You can create types of internal users to manage the store’s virtual content.
  • You can manage orders