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Through the portal you can advertise free of charge, tourist offers and services, to a large number of people.

Presently, the success of companies operating in the tourism field depends heavily on proper advertising. By publishing online offers you can make sure that tourists (or potential customers) have access to accurate, complete and relevant information regarding the characteristics of products and services you provide.

Advantages of online advertising:

  • It is a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for advertising promotional packages and tourist services;
  • Contributes to increase online visibility and to attract a greater number of tourists;
  • Allows the complete display of tourist services provided;
  • Simplifies the launch of special offers, for a limited time frame, that can generate extra income and can assure the expansion of client portfolio.

To register in the database go to the Login section, where you can quickly create a user account and where you will have to complete some general information about your company and about the offer you want to promote: company name, taxpayer identification number, unique registration number, NACE code, industry, company short description, form of organization, contact information.

Now it’s so simple to advertise online your travel offers!